Bible Believers Fellowship in Beccles

“All with one accord in one place”.

“They were all filled  with the Holy Spirit”.

The Bible Believers Fellowship in Beccles is a house church committed to the truth of the Bible and open worship of God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our meetings are times of open worship where all who love the Lord Jesus are free to take part as moved by the Holy Spirit. The meetings seek to glorify God and  inspire  those who attend to serve the Lord Jesus with all their hearts and to live a holy life in that service.

Meetings are held at 31 Meadow Gardens, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9PA at 9.30 a.m. on Sundays and 8 p.m. on Fridays. All are welcome to attend

The Fellowship works to spread the Christian Gospel through evangelism in the local area and beyond, believing that all people need the  salvation of the Lord Jesus in order to have eternal life

The Fellowship supports and is involved with revivalUK  which has an extensive website to promote evangelism. Please click on the link.


revivalPK Home Page     

Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to our Nation

Main website


We are delighted to have a new contact in Pakistan after many months.

If you click in the logo below it will take open a PowerPoint presentation on their work


revivalpk is the Paksitani version of other Christian revival websites which seeks to reach out to the Nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The website provides Christian Tracts English  with more detailed teaching on subjects relevant to the Christian Faith.

The hope is to provide literature in Urdu and other local languages to better help the spread of the gospel

It seeks therefore to provide the tools necessary to reach out to a country with the gospel and also to furnish the local churches with good teaching to build them up in their ”Most Holy faith”.

The tracts and teaching are all free and available as PDF files for anyone to download and use in the service of Jesus Christ.

Just click one of the icons of the right.


revivalPK ہوم پیج

The important things in life

Full Salvation

God’ Evidence

New Birth

Christian Service

Christian Salvation

The Blood of Jesus Christ

Christian Parenting

Christian Marriage

Divine Healing


Click on ‘Prophecy’ above to read about recent prophecies in church in Beccles UK

For the Pastor’s Samuel Sadiq’ report on Mike’s visit to Lahore in January 2020 download the PDF by clicking on the photo of church members above or the Pakistani

Flag. Many wonderful miracles are in the report and lots of photos

Click on the pictures above to download a pdf copy of the URDU Bible: to the left and a New Testament to the right.

If you have a smart phone or a tablet with a pdf reader app like Adobe you can read the  Bible on your phone or tablet

For the preaching from the visit in January 2020 with Urdu translation by pastor Sunil Sadiq please click on

The title 


Looking unto Jesus RememberThe Holy SpiritUnless a Corn of Wheat Falls into the GroundWhat is Man that you are mindful of him?Salvation

Zoom teaching, Click on salvation to  listen with the interpretation

Click on the YouTube Icon to watch a recording of training at a LEOM church in Gurjanwala recorded on Zoom with interpretation.

Subject Salvation